Anese Body Oil: Have You Seen My Underwear?

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What it is:
Wake that ass up with the new caffeinated, watermelon booty oil. Our five oil blend enhances your skin while injecting it with some much needed hydration. Infused with arabica coffee bean oil for it’s firming, cellulite fighting properties and watermelon oil to combat dry, cracked skin. It’s your new Summer essential.

What it does:
This oil firms, hydrates and helps combat cellulite.

More important info:
Vegan, paraben free, phthalates free, cruelty free. Does contain fragrance created from plant based oils. Use after Down With the Thickness.


What it is
A 5 oil blend that acts as an intense moisturizer. It is non-greasy and blended with non-comedogenic oils. Infused with arabica bean oil firms while targeting cellulite. Watermelon oil combats dry, cracked skin as a result of excess sun exposure or general dryness.


How to use
Apply our watermelon booty oil to your butt or other areas of your body. Best used after Down with the thickness. Massage in circular motions and you’re all set!


How much to use
2-3 pumps of booty oil as much as needed.


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