Glossier Zit Stick

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In 3 hours your pimple could be smaller.


What is it?

An acne spot treatment.

How to use:

To get started:

  • With a fresh Zit Stick, twist the pen at least 16 full turns (or more) until the formula appears on the rollerball.
  • For sensitive skin, we recommend patch testing on your arm first. If Zit Stick doesn’t work for you, our team is here to help.

To apply:

  • Click the pen 3-6 times maximum and glide rollerball directly onto zit, limiting to a small surface area (the formula should look translucent—not opaque).
  • Apply 1-3 times per day until your pimple is gone.

*Since products with Benzoyl Peroxide make skin extra sensitive to the sun, it’s especially important to wear sunscreen daily when using Zit Stick. Benzoyl Peroxide can also discolor fabrics, so it’s best to let the formula dry completely before coming in contact with pillows, towels, clothing, etc.


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