Heimish All Clean Balm 120ml


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A 3-step transformer formula of balm, oil, and milk to thoroughly removes even heavy makeup with excellent skin moisturizing effect.

Multi cleansing that thoroughly removes even heavy makeup.*

▶ Spa cleansing with natural aroma oil*

√ It contains natural aroma oil for relaxing care of the body and mind during cleansing as though one had gone to a spa.*

▶ It contains natural botanical compounds that cleanly remove makeup*

√ It contains coconut extract and shea butter that thoroughly remove heavy makeup and waste from skin with its deep cleansing effect.*

▶ Three-step transformer formula of balm, oil, and milk

√ When the gentle balm formula is rolled on skin with dry hands as if gently massaging, it transforms into oil that removes makeup and waste. Then, once in contact with water, it transforms into rich milk that can easily be washed off.


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